Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thick With Conviction was founded in 2005 by poet Karina Bowman, who brought in her best friend Sara Blanton-Allison to co-edit. Soon after, Sara's sister, Kristina Marie Blanton joined the editorial staff. By 2009, all three left TWC and handed the zine over to Arielle Lancaster-LaBrea and Kayla Middlebrook. Kristina returned to the fold in late 2011 and Taylor Copeland joined in late 2012. Now, TWC marks another new era as Taylor and Kristina move to Beautysleep Press and Arielle and Kayla have decided to take a break and leave TWC in the very capable hands of Danielle Masters. In 2014, Sara Blanton-Allison returned to TWC. In 2015, Kristina Marie Blanton returned to the fold.

So here's the skinny on what TWC wants. We're looking for poems that are unique or thought provoking. We want to exhale a deep sigh after reading them. We want to be moved to anger or tears. What we aren't looking for are the following: religious poems, nature poems, greeting card styled poems or teenaged angst. Think unique. Think heavy. 

All submissions should be in the body of an e-mail. We will not accept any attachments. Cover letters are required. Submit no more than five poems per reading period. Only one submission per reading period, please. Please include a bio of 75 words or less with your submission. We will accept previously published poems with the proper accrediting. No simultaneous submissions.  We are now a biannual zine, so the response time is now 2-3 months for all submissions. Send all submissions or questions to the editors, Danielle Masters, Sara Blanton-Allison and Kristina Marie Blanton at